A Different Direction – A NintendOtaku Update

It’s been well over a year since we first started NintendOtaku. We’ve changed appearances, lost friends, gained new ones, and tried a lot of new things. But there’s no denying that the journey has been quite turbulent. We’ve had hiatus after hiatus, missed vital pieces of news, broken promises, etc. Let’s face it – July of 2018 was our peak. We have never been as consistent for such a long period of time since then.

There’s no one cause for this, but it mainly chalks up to the fact that we have lives outside the site. We have other projects, we have personal issues, and our day to day activities are changing all the time.

As for me, my life is completely different than it was in July 2018. It’s definitely a lot better, but things still affect me, and they affect me in a myriad of ways. Right now, we can’t run NintendOtaku to the extent we wish we could – like what was mentioned in the last update article. The sooner we accept this the better. However, fully giving up on this site isn’t something I wish to do. It’s been apart of my life for quite a while now, after all – and I care about it a lot. The same goes for some of the other staff.

So, instead of giving up, here’s the plan going forward.

Rather than trying to keep up with news, we’re going to go at our own pace. In the last update article, I mentioned how we wanted to do more long-form articles. This is what we’re going to focus on. Working a little bit at a time on meaningful content is much better than trying to meet a demand we can’t maintain and ultimately releasing nothing, don’t you think?

At some point down the line, if we feel ready to give full news coverage a chance again, we will. This will only happen though if we feel we can give NintendOtaku the same treatment it received back in July 2018.

Normally when I end these update articles I say “we’re excited for the future of NintendOtaku” or something to that extent – however, this time I can’t really say that. The truth is, this isn’t an update I’m happy about making. I really wanted to come back to NintendOtaku with full force. I want to do all those things I laid out in the previous update. But I can’t. I can’t make that promise, as I know that, once again, it will be broken.

What I CAN promise though, is that when we do release something, it will be some of the best content we’ve ever created in the history of NintendOtaku.

Thank you for supporting NintendOtaku all this time. And we hope you’ll continue to bear with us.

Thanks for reading.


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