Animation Director For JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Claims He Still Hasn’t Been Paid

Kohei Ashiya, animation director on the David Production anime adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga, has alleged that the company has not paid him for his contributions to the fifth part of the series, Golden Wind. He made these claims in a Twitter thread on Tuesday.

In the thread, he states that it has been 60 days since his last contribution, and despite having worked on the project since day one, he still hasn’t been paid – and there’s no guarantee that he ever will. He made sure to clarify that this isn’t a case of misunderstandings.

“I didn’t agree to something like, ‘I’ll work as a volunteer!'” he writes. However, despite this clearly being a troubling situation, he reaffirms his love for the series, saying that he still worked on the project because he truly loved it – and he’ll continue to keep an eye out for future developments. In addition, he also stated that he would refrain from talking about the matter again, to prevent tarnishing the love and passion that the other staff and animators also have for the series. If anything can be learned from the situation, he’d like it to prevent the same from happening again to young creators in the industry.

It is worth keeping in mind that these are only allegations – credible as they may seem, David Production has yet to make a comment on the situation, and I doubt Ashiya will take the situation any further (which he would have every right to do). However, if these allegations are true, it truly is terrible – and we hope David Production is held accountable.

I’m currently doing research for an article discussing the industry, and these allegations have now very much thrown David Production onto my radar. That’s something to discuss another time, though.

What are your opinions on this, however? Do you believe these allegations are true? Should Ashiya take the situation further? Let us know in the comments.


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