Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Wave 2 Released Alongside Update Version 1.0.2

The second wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC has been released this week, on September 10th, alongside a free update.

The DLC adds five new auxiliary battles to the game, new background music for those auxiliary battles, four very valuable items, a new attire option for most students, and a pair of glasses for the Professor to wear.

The new auxiliary battles are as follows:

  • Battle at Lake Teutates
  • Battle in the Forest
  • Battle at Gronder Field
  • Battle at the Sealed Forest
  • Battle at Conand Tower

They’ll appear at different times on the battle-selection screen, depending on your progress. To differentiate them from regular auxiliary battles, a yellow “!” icon will be displayed. Completing them will reward may reward you with status-up items, and an increased amount of gold.

The new song is called “Corridor of the Tempest” and can be listened to from the menu right away.

The “very valuable items” can be received from the bed in Byleth’s Personal Quarters in the monastery, and are as follows:

  • Sacred Galewind Shoes (Movement +1)
  • Sacred Floral Robe (HP +7)
  • Sacred Snowmelt Drop (Strength +3)
  • Sacred Moonstone (Speed +3)

The students’ new attire is referred to as “House Loungewear”, and can outfits can be swapped from Byleth’s journal. Unfortunately, besides a few exceptions for some classes, these new outfits can only be worn in the monastery – if you go into battle, only their regular outfit will show.

Byleth’s new glasses can also be worn via the journal, and these can be worn in the monastery and in battle.

As for the free update, it came with two major changes – the addition of the new “Maddening” difficulty, and the complete change of all of male Byleth’s voice lines.

Maddening difficulty is available from the new game difficulty options, and if you beat it without carrying over data from a previous file (New Game+) the title screen will change a little. Maddening has a couple key differences from other difficulties. More enemies are in each level, and as expected, they all have much better stats. Boss characters now move, rather than remaining stationary.

Up until now, the best strategy has been to wipe out the Boss in one turn – ensuring they have no chance to retaliate – so this is a… scary change.

Male Byleth is now voiced by Zach Aguilar, replacing Chris Niosi. This is due to allegations against the voice actor of sexual harassment and abuse – which he admitted to be true. Nintendo removed his name from the credits back in July after assessing the situation, and we’ve known for a while a patch would be released changing the voice lines.

The update also increased the amount of bonus Renown you receive for starting New Game+. In addition to the bonus already given for the difficulty you pick, 10,000 points will be added for each path completed. The max threshold is 50,000 – meaning, if you have every route completed and play on the hardest difficulty, you’ll be starting the game with 50,000 Renown each time (plus any left over from your previous game). That’s an amazing bonus, and one you’ll definitely want to make use of for the new Maddening difficulty.

Finally, you can also now view Goddess Tower events via the Event Menu. It works the same way as selecting other character-specific events.

Here are some screenshots of the DLC and update (images taken from NintendoEverything):

You can view the patch notes on Nintendo’s official site here.

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