Fairy Tail JRPG Announced For 2020 (+ Trailer Analysis)

Koei Tecmo announced earlier today via Twitter that a new JRPG based off the manga and anime series Fairy Tail will be releasing in 2020, coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

The game is being supervised by series creator Hiro Mashima and developed by GUST Studios, who is most well known for the Atelier series. A trailer was uploaded with the tweet, also available on YouTube, that shows the five main characters – Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Wendy – unleashing several different magic attacks. Not much other info was given, but there are a few things we may be able to discern from the trailer.

We first see Natsu envelop himself in flames, which is pretty common in the series. It then cuts to a shot of Lucy casting Urano Metria, a hypermagic spell, unleashing it upon what seems to be Jellal in his Crime Sorciere outfit. The next scene shows Gray in his Grand Magic Games outfit, using the same move he uses to finish Rufus on what looks to be Lyon. The next scene is of Wendy, using a wind attack (I couldn’t quite tell which one) against Jellal. The next scene shows Erza fighting against Jellal in her Nakagami Armor. Next is a scene of Natsu using his signature move, Fire Dragon Iron Fist, but we can’t see who he’s using it against. And finally, after the reveal of the release window, we see the group standing outside of the second Fairy Tail building.

Because of all these details, I’d wager that the game will take place around the time of the Grand Magic Games arc. Lucy masters Urano Metria around this time, Crime Sorciere is shown at this point, Gray is in his Grand Magic Games outfit (this one is pretty clear cut), and the first time Erza uses her Nakagami Armor is during the final round of the games. Lastly, the second Fairy Tail building is only utilised at this point in the show. Whether the game will be a straight-forward adaptation or have an original story, however, we’ll have to wait and see. Also, it seems likely that Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Wendy will all be playable.

As mentioned, this Fairy Tail JRPG will release in 2020. We’ll continue to cover the came as more info is shared, and you can expect a full review when it releases.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life.

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