Daily NOtaku News Round-Up – 27/07/2018

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Hello! And welcome, to another Daily Round-Up. Since we’ve had a few days absence, let’s jump in quick, starting with otaku news.

TOHO has begun streaming a new promo video for the upcoming My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie. The promo previews the theme song, “Long Hope Philia” by Hiromu Akita. Kohei Hikoroshi, the mangaka of My Hero Academia, has actually stated that the Iida scenes within this trailer caused him to be overcome with emotion for some reason.

This next piece of news isn’t really news, but it’s something interesting that happened today. The author of the I Want To Eat Your Pancreas novel, Yoru Sumino, has released his own review of sorts of the upcoming film adaptation of the movie. Here’s what he had to say, via Twitter.

I saw the Pancreas anime. There are good parts, but honestly there are also unsatisfying parts. Still, Sakura and Kyōko are extremely cute, and I saw how the protagonist pushes forward. From my heart, I’m glad I wrote this story. Also, sumika’s song is just too good. I leave the rest to those who watch it.

As you can tell, he certainly has mixed feelings about the anime movie. It’s interesting to hear, and I commend his honesty. I wonder if a lot of original creators feel a little like this if their work gets adapted into an anime?

Monthly Shounen Sirius magazine has announced that the manga adaptation of the Clockwork Planet light novels will be ending in next month’s issue. The manga has been serialized since 2013.

The Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Mace of Judgement side story manga ended in the new issue of Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh that released today. The manga originally launched in November 2016.

A new key visual has been released for the upcoming TV Anime adaptation of Bloom Into You, a yuri manga. The visual features the main characters, Yuu Koito (right) and Touko Nanami (left). The anime will premiere in October.

Shounen Sunday S magazine has announced that the manga adaptation of the 21st Detective Conan movie, Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter, will end in the next issue on August 25th.

A new four-panel comedy manga spin-off of the Isekai Cheat Magician light novels will be launching in Shounen Ace magazine on August 25th. The manga is by Taku Kawamura, who is also behind the Kakegurui spin-off manga. Exclusive episodes the manga will also be available via Comic Walker and Nico Nico Seiga.

It has been announced that the spin-off manga of Magical Girl Site Sept will end with its next chapter. This news was revealed in the newest chapter that was released on Wednesday.

The official Twitter for the Code Geass franchise has teased that a major announcement will be coming on August 3rd at 8pm. The Twitter also confirmed that the announcement will be related to the Code Geass sequel project that was announced in 2016.

The Irregular at Magic High School: Double Seven manga will be ending with its 3rd volume, which will release in spring 2019. This news was revealed in the 2nd volume, which released today.

Kyoto Animation has revealed via the official Twitter for its KA Esuma Bunko imprint that it will be producing an anime adaptation of the 20 Senki Denki Mokuroku novel by Hiro Yuki. They did not reveal if this adaptation would be a movie or a TV anime, but I’d lean towards movie, personally.

The official Twitter for the Senran Kagura TV anime series has revealed that more information about the second season will be revealed via a livestream event, which will take place on August 2nd. The stream will also reveal more details about Peach Ball Senran Kagura (a pinball game on Switch) and the Shinobi Master Senran Kagura New Link smartphone game.

Monthly Flowers magazine has announced that The Poe Clan Unicorn manga will be going on hiatus. The manga will continue sometime in Spring 2019.

And finally, HIDIVE has announced that its English Dub of Revue Starlight will be releasing on August 4th.

That…. took a while. Let’s quickly move on to Nintendo news.


At long last, Nintendo has revealed the next Nintendo Labo kit, which is named the Vehicle Kit. The kit will include all sorts of vehicles – but we’re actually going to be writing a full article on it, so I won’t go into detail on it. Stay tuned for that.

And so, it seems that in this case, the rumor mill did turn out to be right! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has revealed that Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun will be coming to Switch. For those of you that are unaware, for about the past month now, there has been increasing evidence that the game would be releasing a Western release – but until now, no official announcement had been made. Glad to see it finally happen.

Cypronia has announced that its first-person shooter parody, Pixel Action Heroes, will be coming to Switch next week. The game takes place in a “fully destructible block building world”. Hmm, I wonder why that sounds familiar…?

Kaeru Panda has revealed that they are working on a new game for Switch, that will release on the eShop this Autumn. No other information was released, besides this screenshot.

It seems that one of Devolver Digital’s dozen games they had planned for Switch is Minit. The game will release on August 9th, for 10 dollars. A page has gone up for the game on the official Nintendo site.

And finally, Nippon Professional Baseball has announced that they will be holding a NPB eSports Series for Splatoon 2. As someone who has dabbled in the Splatoon competitive scene myself, I’m pretty excited – this could be the start of great things for Splatoon as an eSport.

And that’s everything that happened today, in both Nintendo and otaku-related news.

We are sorry that we’ve had no round-ups for the past two days, and that things have just generally been slower lately. Starting this site caused us to neglect some other projects we’re working on, so we’re figuring out how to effectively manage our time. Please bear with us. As always, if I missed anything, or got any information wrong, let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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