Music Girls (TV Anime) – First Impressions + Thoughts

ongaku shojo
There are too many girls in this show. How was I meant to make a natural-looking crop?

Music Girls (Ongaku Shoujo) is one of the two main “idol” shows airing this season, the other being Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, a show I haven’t seen yet (although I’m not quite sure if it falls in to the idol category, but this is not the place to debate that). Honestly, I’ve never actually watched an “idol” show. Thus, going into Music Girls, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself enjoying the first episode. As always, I’ll be talking about it at length, so this article will be full of spoilers.

2018-07-13 (11).png
I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.

The episode begins with a performance from the main idol group of the show. It’s done with C.G., which looks okay, but I hope this is just for the intro – the performance later in the episode is properly animated, so I hope they continue like that. Anyway, our main protagonist, who find out in a second is named Hanako, comments that she’ll never forget what we saw that day. We then cut to Hanako on a plane, very excited to get to Japan, and looking forward to seeing idols.

As the plane takes off, we see the logo for the series, and our focus shifts from Hanako to our idol group in the same airport where Hanako will be landing (what a coincidence). They’re trying to hold an idol contest to scout new members, but since they aren’t a well-known or popular group, no-one wants to sign up. The scene establishes a lot of the girls’ personalities as they discuss how they could attract more people, and talk about their show. They may be unpopular, but at least twenty-eight people turn up to watch.

2018-07-13 (14).png
This actually made me chuckle.

The girls hype themselves up, and their producer decides that he can’t just sit around either, so goes out to look for people to sign up. He bumps in to Hanako, who is very excited, having just landed. She’s also excited at the prospect of meeting idols, so after “seeing something” in her, the producer decides to take her to meet the group. It turns out Hanako completely misunderstood what idols are though, and initially isn’t impressed.

She isn’t left that way for long though, as the Music Girls get up on stage to perform, and becomes absolutely mesmerized. Once the girls finish, she completely fangirls and tells them how awesome they were – but she also begins to pick out little issues from the performance and show them how to fix it, as well as dancing alongside one of the girls as she practices. Everyone is impressed, including the manager, and they begin discussing having Hanako join the group. Before they’re able to come to a decision, however, it becomes time for the contest to start, so they simply ask Hanako if she’ll sing and dance on stage.

2018-07-13 (15).png
Haha! Best Dad.

Meanwhile, Hanako’s parents begin to worry about where she is (about time), and we get some comedic scenes with them looking around the airport. We cut back to Hanako one more time during this sequence, as she picks out a song to sing on stage. Hanako’s mother eventually bumps in to the Music Girls’ producer, and it turns out they know each other. He tells her that her daughter will be singing on stage, and she seems a little concerned.

The episode ends with Hanako beginning her performance, with a lot of people gathering to watch. She starts to dance impressively, but it turns out her singing skills aren’t so great.

2018-07-13 (17).png
See this blushing girl here? She is currently best girl.

The first episode of Music Girls genuinely surprised me. Having never seen an idol show before, I didn’t know what to expect. But the episode was just complete fun, with some cool music (surprisingly, the songs without lyrics are probably the best part of the OST) and nice animation, besides the C.G. part at the start at least. I love a lot of the character designs, too. It’s too early to talk about their personalities though, because the main focus of this episode was definitely Hanako – but make no mistake, what we saw of the group was definitely appreciated.

Overall, I really did enjoy this episode. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest, and I recommend you give this show a shot, especially if you’re a fan of idol shows already. Also, I’m honestly surprised that this series isn’t listed under comedy too, because a few moments genuinely made me chuckle. I hope there are more moments like that.

Will you be watching Music Girls? What are your thoughts so far? Who is the best girl? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to leave any kind of suggestions you have there, too.

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