Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san (TV Anime) – First Impressions + Thoughts

Lucky kid.

Hello! And welcome, to another First Impressions. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the first episode of the new TV anime “Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san”, or “Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou”. Let’s get started.

The episode opens with Shiina Aki (the protagonist) looking at a map, has three girls walk by. The girls notice him and begin discussing between themselves whether he is a boy or a girl. This is a clever way of setting up the main point of this series right from the outset – Aki is a boy who has always been treated like a girl due to his looks, so for middle school, he’s decided to move to Tokyo for a fresh start.


The first minute of the episode revolves around him trying to make his way to the Sunohara Dormitory, and on the way, we hear his thoughts as we find out what he’s doing and what his motivations are. On the way, he tries to convince himself that things’ll be different here in Tokyo and gets excited, only for it to begin raining right after saying it. That’s what I call a bad omen.

Eventually, he makes it to the dorm. This is where we are finally introduced to the caretaker, Ayaka Sunohara. She instantly mistakes him for a girl and asks if he is the new person who is meant to be moving in. However, Aki barely gets a chance to respond as Ayaka scoops him up and takes him to the bath, saying she can’t leave a girl to catch a cold either way.

2018-07-09 (2).png
What the heck?

We then cut to Aki in the bath, where Ayaka walks in and we get some more comical dialogue between the two, mainly revolving around Aki realising that she thinks he’s a girl, and that he’ll be living with her for the next three years. Ayaka then says that it’s tradition for the caretaker to wash the back of whoever moves in on their first day, and mentions that it was previously her grandmother’s job before she was hospitalized. Aki, is of course, embarrassed about the whole situation. I gotta say, though, if I had to pick between having an old lady wash my back or Ayaka, Aki definitely got the better option. In the scene, Ayaka makes some strange sexual advances on Aki, and it’s just… really weird. This ties into something that we find out later that makes the whole thing worse, but again, it’s just weird.

2018-07-09 (3).png
How about… no?

Aki passes out in the bathroom, and wakes up in a bedroom, and fully clothed. He also finds himself lying on top of Ayaka’s knees, with her boobs being so big that he can’t even see her face from his position. After some more dialogue between the two, Ayaka goes to make some food. Aki follows her downstairs and realises that he’ll probably never get Ayaka to treat him like a man. We get a flashback of Aki with a girl who we are told is his sister, who is trying to make him look even more like a girl. The flashback is framed in a very serious way (surprisingly, seeing as this is a comedy anime), and we can tell that this bothers Aki deeply, almost like he was genuinely abused by his sister in this manner. I really hope this is something that gets expanded on later, despite how serious it is. It’d really make this show something special if it could continue being comical, and deal with one or two serious issues.

Anyway, Aki, refusing to give up, decides that if he wants Ayaka to treat him like a man, he should act like the man of the house. He tries to help her with certain chores, but he ends up messing up each time. Finally, Ayaka realises what he’s trying to do, and tells him she’ll treat him like a man if he kisses her on the cheek. Aki, very much embarrassed, decides to do it. However… this is an anime. This obviously wasn’t going to work. At this moment, three girls enter the house, who are our three other main characters.

2018-07-09 (4).png
Hello, character archetypes!

First of all, there’s Yukimoto Yuzu. She’s the student council president of Aki’s new middle school, but also looks like a small child. Even smaller than Aki. Next, we have Yamanashi Sumire, the vice president, who is also a lolicon, or at least has a thing for Yukimoto. Finally, we have Kazami Yuri. Yuri is definitely the least weird one of the group – but she still fantasizes about Aki in a maid outfit, so that doesn’t say much.

We learn that Ayaka has also made multiple sexual advances on the girls too, which makes everything so much weirder. Either Ayaka is just a pervert, or the single-most dense female protagonist in anime history. Either way, it doesn’t bode well. We learn more about the three new characters, with Yukimoto being insecure about how small she is, Sumire really, really liking Yukimoto, and Yuri wants to try to help them be closer, so asks for Aki’s help. We also learn that the three have been friends since they were little.

2018-07-09 (5).png
But it wasn’t Aki’s fault…?!

Aki goes back to his room, trying to let the entire situation sink in. Finally, we cut to one week later, Aki’s first day of school. He doesn’t wake up easily, so, unfortunately (or fortunately), Ayaka just shoves his face in her boobs. This does the trick, and Yukimoto walks in on the scene, and tells off the pair.

The student council girls set off early, and Aki tells Ayaka that he’s nervous. She decides to try to calm him down by dressing up in a revealing school girl outfit, and gets him to practice making conversation with her. This calms him down to an extent, but in the end, Ayaka just ends up doing more “weird things”, so Aki quickly leaves.

We don’t actually get to see Aki’s day at school, and the scene shifts to the evening. It turns out his day went well, and he was able to talk to people. The episode ends with Aki finally accepting that everything isn’t so bad and that this is his new life.

2018-07-09 (6).png
This one shot from the opening really tells you a lot about the characters, and I love that.

The episode was definitely enjoyable, and I’d recommend it to those who enjoy slice-of-life with a bit of fanservice. I actually got some serious Dragon Maid vibes. Of course, Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san isn’t an anime about dragon girls, nor anything supernatural, but with a similar art style, and a similar kind of weirdness, that’s just the kind of vibe it gave me. Obviously, there aren’t enough similarities to make an actual comparison, but I’d definitely recommend this show to fans of Dragon Maid. I didn’t mention it at the beginning of the article because I don’t really have many thoughts on the opening overall, but that gave me Dragon Maid vibes too, with the large number of characters it showcases.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of this show.

Will you be watching Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san? What are your thoughts so far? Do you agree with mine? Let us know by commenting. And if you have any suggestions or if I made any mistakes, comment with those, too.

Thanks for reading!


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