Chio's School Road (TV Anime) – First Impressions + Thoughts

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Hello, and welcome to another First Impressions. This time we’ll be looking at “Chio’s School Road”, a new comedy anime that I really think you’ll enjoy! Just remember, everything in this article is spoilers for the first episode, so you have been warned.

We start things off with the opening “Danger in my Tsuugakuro” – performed by the cast of this show. It was interesting to watch but to describe it simply, the opening is colorful, has some odd comedic bits, and showcases the characters we’ll be seeing real soon.


The first half begins with our title character, “Chio Miyamo”, running late to school. She makes a calculation based off the time it currently is and is confident she can still make it in time. There is a slight hiccup in her calculations, however – the road to the school is under construction, and therefore closed off. We then get a flashback to three hours ago showing what happened leading up to her being late. Turns out, the reason was due to her playing an assassin game on her computer and losing track of time. (That’s a familiar situation for some of us, I’m sure).

The flashback then ends and Chio is thinking about how she can still get to school on time. She looks at a nearby power pole and comes up with a plan that would involve her climbing the pole, jumping on the closest roof, and continuing to roof hop all the way to school. She decides that it’ll probably not work, so she starts walking towards the detour – only to change her mind and get a running start into jumping on to the pole. She ends up struggling to climb and dirties her outfit. She succeeds in the end, and we then see her proceed with roof hopping for an incredible distance, until she stops and begins imagining herself being an assassin.


All of a sudden, a man in his underwear opens his curtains. Ordinarily, he would’ve seen Chio standing right outside his window (which, understandably, would’ve caused some trouble for the high-school girl), but the sun blinds him for a few seconds, giving her enough time to lay flat under the window. The man then begins to brush his teeth, and a bit of saliva almost drips on Chio, but she is able to block it with her glasses. Suddenly, the man started coughing, which causes a ton of saliva to land on Chio in a dramatic manner. After the man finishes, Chio gets up and cleans off her glasses, instantly regretting trying to pretend to be an assassin.

She continues roof hopping until she can see the school, where her roof hopping strategy hits a dead-end. In front of her is a park entrance, and the distance between the two walls was too big for anyone to jump over. She thinks of climbing down, but then also imagines that if someone from her class hears about this, they’ll start calling her “Yellow Monkey”.

Chio then hears a little kid cry because his balloon is stuck in the tree next to her and his mother can’t reach it. Chio wants to help, but getting down in secret is more important. A businessman then walks by, and the mother asks if he could get it down for them. He comes off nice, but ends up acting a total jerk, saying stuff like if he were to get the balloon down and get his suit dirty, they wouldn’t be able to pay the cleaning fee.

He then walks out of the park, giving Chio an idea to get across the gap. She picks up a rock and throws it at him to gain his attention, knowing that he would put up his suitcase to defend against the rock. She then takes a running jump off the edge, jumps off the guy’s suitcase (smashing it into his head), aiming for the other side – and pulls off a perfect landing.


She then needs to find a place to get back to the street, with her only option being a small, dark parking garage with no-one around except one guy standing outside. Chio continues on, until finally noticing that he’s staring at her with a very pervy expression. She decides to ignore him and keep walking, but he manages to take her photo while she wasn’t looking. Unbeknownst to her, she had actually just walked out of a love hotel parking garage!


Eventually, Chio is able to regroup with her schoolmates and get to school on time without any new rumors spreading about herself. However, while walking in to school, a few students are reading an article about a girl belonging to their school walking out of a love hotel. Luckily, one of the teacher’s standing by the gate overheard what happened, so he takes it down before any more people can hear about it.


The second half starts off again with Chio. Once again, she’s on her way to school, but this time she’s not running late, thankfully. Later on, as she’s walking down the sidewalk, she sees Yuki Hosokawa, one of her classmates. She starts waving at Chio, who doesn’t think she’s actually waving at her because there would be no chance of a girl that popular waving to her.

Chio then starts going through her options in her head. Rather than going with any of her ideas, however, she instead opts to act like she’s tripping into the trash, before looking behind her to see who Yuki is waving to. It turns out her suspicions were false indeed false, as expected, and it was her that Yuki was waving to. They start walking together, and Chio tries to engage in a conversation with her, only to choke up and hesitate when trying to talk about how they’re both in sports clubs.

Suddenly, as they pass by a convenience store, Yuki notices her friend waving to her and at the same time, two boys walk out of the store. Chio uses a video game move named “SWAT Turn” to run to the convenience store bathroom, so she can avoid trying to talk to Yuki, and making a fool of herself in front of the friend and the boys.

A few moments later, she finally steps out and goes to leave the store, only to be distracted by the latest issue of a gaming magazine she likes. However, she doesn’t notice that Yuki is still standing outside waiting for her. When she finally realizes, she quickly rushes out to ask why didn’t she go off with her friend, and Yuki tells her it was because they were still having a conversation together and she figured her rushing to use the bathroom just meant she had some stomach issues. Immediately, Chio begins to feel like a selfish jerk, having made Yuki stand outside waiting for her to come back.

The pair just barely make it to school on time, and as they begin to go to their own classes Chio realizes she didn’t say good morning to Yuki yet. She turns around to say it, only for Yuki to be too far to hear, a couple of boys walking in front of her mistakenly think she was talking to one of them. To avoid embarrassment, she quickly fake sneezes – which works, and the boys think all they heard was her sneezing loudly.


The ending then proceeds to play, and if there’s always something I like when watching new anime is the unique endings that each and every show has and whatever style they decided to go for along with the music. For this one, they decided to go with a basic sketch, which gradually draws out into a finished sequence. The cast also performs the ending song “Nanairoad” – which I feel this sorta ties it all together since they also perform the opening, like I mentioned earlier.

Overall, Chio’s School Road is a very promising and highly interesting show I recommend watching, and I seriously can’t wait to write a review once the show ends!

So, what did you think about this about my first thoughts on this show? Do you agree? Leave a comment down below with any feedback and suggestions you might have.

Thanks for reading!

-Kanoa Howell

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