Daily NOtaku News Round-Up – 05/07/2018

my hero one's justice
Still bugs me that it’s called “My Hero: One’s Justice”. Where’s the Academia?

Hello! And welcome, to another Daily Round-Up – where we round-up every piece of Nintendo and otaku-related news from today. This time, we’ll be beginning with the otaku side of things.

Well, actually, this first piece of news could also be counted as Nintendo news, but whatever. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the American release date today for the upcoming “My Hero: One’s Justice”. The game will launch on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 26.

The company also began streaming a trailer for the announcement.

A new PV has been released for the upcoming adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5. The PV was shown at the Japanese Premiere event for the upcoming series, named “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind”.


The PV begins at 10:19. Unfortunately, since the event, the PV has not been released separately in any official capacity. However, you may find it interesting to watch the full thing.

A new key visual has been released for “Lupin the Third: Part 5”.


The visual, which showcases major characters, was released for the anime entering its second cours.

The official website for “Double Decker! Doug & Kirill” has revealed that the series will be premiering this fall. The show is one part of the new Tiger and Bunny animation project.

A new PV has been released for “RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida”.

The video reveals that Quadrangle will be performing the opening theme, with M.A.O and Himika Akaneya performing the ending as their characters.

It has been revealed that the anime adaptation of “Ultraman”, will be premiering on Netflix in 2019. The series is being produced in 3D CG, and will have a worldwide release. This news was revealed in the manga’s 12th volume.

Cygames has announced a new anime series called “Zombieland Saga”. They revealed the teaser trailer at AnimeExpo today. No other details were given, but Cygames describes the series as a “refreshing new twist” on the zombie genre.

Crunchyroll has announced at its AnimeExpo panel that they will be debuting the first three episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero at Crunchyroll Expo. The company previously announced that they would be streaming the series last year, but no release date was given.

Our final piece of news is something quite special for Gundam fans. Yasuo Miyakawa has announced Sunrise’s AnimeExpo panel that there will be a live-action Gundam movie. Both Sunrise and Legendary Pictures are working in collaboration to produce the movie.

And now, on to Nintendo!

A demo for WarioWare Gold has now been released on the European eShop. A trailer was released announcing the release of the demo, which included, hilariously, fully voice acted Wario lines.

Wild River Games has revealed their new game, Pilot Sports. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Pilotwings, and supports up to 4 player multiplayer. Pilot Sports will release on Switch (and PlayStation 4) in September.

Rising Star Games has announced that “Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!” will be coming to the Switch on July 12th. The game is the first in the beloved potato series, which features management and simulation style gameplay.

PQube has announced that ALTHIRIAN ARC: HERO SCHOOL STORY will be coming to Switch later this year. No specific release window was given, but we will hopefully get more info soon.

Super Destronaut DX will be arriving on the Switch eShop next week, on July 13th. The game will cost 4.99 USD/EUR.

11 bit studios have confirmed that a Switch release of their game “Moonlighter” will still be coming next year. This news was revealed in what they call the “Moonlighter 2018 Roadmap”, in which they revealed all their plans for the game this year.

It has been announced that “The Mooseman”, the hit 2D atmospheric puzzle adventure mobile game will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The game will release on July 18th. Looks like we won’t be needing to play the mobile version anymore.

NIS America has announced that The Caligula Effect: Overdose will be arriving on Switch in 2019. The game features new story content, characters, and enemies that were not in the original PS Vita game.

Johnny’s Turbo Arcade: Express Rider will be arriving on the Switch on July 12th, Flying Tiger Entertainment has announced. Express Rider originally released in 1986 (none of our staff were even alive then, oops). The game is available for pre-order now, for $6.99.

RPG Maker MV, the popular RPG game engine, will be releasing on Switch in 2019. The RPG Maker MV Player app will be released for free when the “game” releases, which allow you to play any user-created games without owning RPG Maker MV yourself.

And now, for another announcement from NIS America, their new game The Princess Guide will be coming to Switch in 2019. The game allows you to play as each of the four princesses, who all have their own unique story.

For those who enjoy buying NEOGEO games on their Switch, Samurai Shodown V (no, that’s not a typo) released earlier today. Samurai Shodown V is a fighting game, which has its characters fight with swords instead of their fists.

Assault Gunners HD Edition has been released on the Switch eShop today. The mecha third-person shooter was previously released on PlayStation 4 and PC. The Switch version has multiple purchase options available, that include the DLC.

Square Enix has announced that as they countdown to the release of Octopath Traveller, they will release a piece of character artwork every day. Octopath Traveller launches in eight days, on July 13th.

Inti’ Creates has announced during their AnimeExpo panel that Dragon: Marked for Death will be hitting the Switch this Winter. No specific release date was given, so this could mean the game will release towards the end of 2018 or early 2019.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pokemon GO, Niantic has announced that Pikachu and Pichu will be appearing more often until July 31st. You can also find a special Summer style Pikachu, who is wearing a hat and sunglasses.

To finish this round-up, let’s quickly mention all the games that have been announced to be hitting the Japanese eShop. Sumikko Gurashi: Atsumare! Sumikko Town will release on October 4th, Nora, Princess and Stray cat will release on October 25th, THE VIDEOKID will release August 30th and The Trail: Frontier Challenge will release July 12th.

Oh, for one final last tidbit, the Switch has officially sold 4.5 million units in Japan.

And that’s everything that happened today, in both Nintendo and otaku-related news.

As always, if I got any information wrong or missed anything, let us know! We’re always striving to improve. Honestly, there are so many games releasing on Switch that it sometimes feels like a chore to write about all of them. But it’s nice to know that the Nintendo Switch is definitely keeping up the 3rd party support. Anyway, that’s it!

Thanks for reading!



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